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I took a cross-country train trip! technology connextras

मैंने ट्रेन ली! यहाँ मेरे विचार हैं! और तुम एमट्रैक के लिए मत आना। आइए उन चीजों पर गर्व करें जो हमने बनाई हैं और उनका पालन-पोषण करते हैं – उन्हें नष्ट नहीं करते।

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I took a cross-country train trip!

I took a cross-country train trip!

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I took a cross-country train trip!
technology connextras
पैसे कमाने के और तरीके देखें: यहाँ और देखें
पैसे कमाने के और तरीके देखें: यहाँ और देखें

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35 thoughts on “I took a cross-country train trip! technology connextras”

  1. (edited) Well… it's not exactly fun to know that the day I upload this video a derailment happens on another of Amtrak's lines. I don't think there's any place for my commentary, but I'm hoping for the best outcome for all involved.

  2. I took the Hiawatha up to Milwaukee one weekend about 20 years ago with a friend, from DC. We rode coach on the way up (*not* recommended for overnight!), but got a $50 upgrade to a sleeper for the trip back. Much nicer, but it was as cramped as our host said.

    Thing was, in the morning, as I was trying to get the upper bunk to "click" into its stored position, I placed my back against the door and *pushed*!

    … Did anyone notice the glass in those doors? I sure didn't!

    CRACK … "Uh-oh…" My buddy and I just closed the curtain and went to breakfast. As we were eating, a conductor came to our table, very stern, asking about the door.

    Thinking fast, and having dealt with the lurching train all morning, I said that I was putting the bed back when the train lurched, and I fell backwards into the door.

    His attitude spun 180° in a nanosecond, and the next thing we knew, we were in a deluxe sleeper for the rest of the trip!

    It was a lot nicer, as it had a lot more room to sit, and a table folded out, allowing us to play card games! It also has a shower in the bathroom, too!

  3. any antihistamine makes me very groggy the next day, and for hours of that day. overall, not worth it as any type of regular routine. And often I take 1/3 of a 25mg pill, still groggy and the sleep is not productive.

  4. I love the dining car for an unusual reason: when I got the Amtrak from Montreal to New York City, the dining car was "immigration". And it was by far the best experience of US immigration I've ever had. The train stops on the border, some agents board, and they walk through the train just checking any US or Canadian citizens in their seats; for the rest of us (I'm British), we went along to the dining car and got to have our papers processed quickly in comfortable seats and a convivial atmosphere. So different to the airport.

  5. Just before I watched your video, I happened to be watching videos of overnight train trips in Japan. It's downright depressing how bad Amtrak is compared to other parts of the world. I completely agree with your commentary on the idiocy of Amtrak's current structure. It's just a way to ensure that it continues to languish.

    With that said, a number of years ago, I took the Zephyr from San Francisco to Denver. A friend and I shared one of the roomettes like the one you had for this video. It was indeed rather close quarters, but the lounge/observation car was a delight to visit on that scenic trip, and I spent a lot of time there. I absolutely loved the experience.

  6. Here in the UK all routes are a bit shorter! I still remember going from Liverpool to London for my first job interviews. The idea was you grab a cheap seat, pile your stuff on it, then make your way to the dining car which was a first class coach set up for breakfast. For about £10 extra you got a great breakfast, loads of coffee and toast. Then you could stay there with the occasional coffee until about ten minutes from London when you had to return to your cheap seat and prepare for the fight to get off the train! First class travel for a cheap ticket plus a tenner. All gone now, if your lucky they will sell you a bacon sarnie to eat standing in the corridor😢.

  7. Spot on about the time and money factors. I wanted to go to New Orleans from Boston a couple of years go. It would have taken me 28 more hours and $350 more dollars. I was almost willing to spend the money but the time and change overs would have eaten into my 6 days off 😭

  8. Government shouldn't run the trains, the mail, the schools, the healthcare, etc. It does a poor job at anything it undertakes. Plus it's unconstitutional (except for the mail).

  9. I take umbrage with your use of what I consider to be a straw man argument. ("Amtrak is terrible and is a waste of taxpayer money because it doesn't make money")

    while there may be someone somewhere that says this as an argument, it is neither the prevailing nor the strongest case against socialism in transportation and other industries in the US.

    to be brief, efficiency aside, (because it can be argued government industries are inherently a misappropriation of finite resources, but can be countered that those in favor don't care and that that is a sacrifice they're willing to subject others to, and if put bluntly like that, fair enough I suppose) the greatest principled argument against government subsidized (and especially government controlled and operated) rail is the same argument against the government acquisition of roads under Eisenhower and against the MIC you pointed out you are rightly against: that all three of these things (and more) are unconstitutional, and if pet projects like that are forwarded at the expense of said constitution, there are then no actual boundaries on government power over its citizenry.

    it could literally be the greatest deal ever for the money, it still is a shame that it has happened on principle.

  10. I've traveled from coast to coast on Canada on the sleepers. Interestingly enough, you catch the older cars from Toronto to Vancouver and newer cars from Montreal to Halifax. There's no sleepers from Toronto to Montreal, even as you travel through the nation's Capitol of Ottawa. These were very expensive trips but once in a lifetime trips. You could also book the "Prestige" rooms for a whole lot more $.

  11. Thank you for this video Alec. I wanted to take a sleeper train from Florida to Chicago when I visited the US in 2010. But at $950 per person for 2.5 days, vs $99 for a 5h flight… hence thanks for taking the financial hit instead!

  12. The thing that I really appreciated is how quiet the train is. I rode the Coast Starlight with my brother-in-law and we were able to carry on a normal conversation. Not like an airplane at all.

  13. Full size sleepers are nice. I didn't do one in the US – but between Moscow and what was then called Leningrad (student exchange diplomatic thing during Petestroika, long story). Much comfier than the mini sleepers.

  14. I took a train here in Spain yesterday, I saw people working, watching movies, etc. Do you think that if the internet service in the train was better people would like it more and prices would go down? I paid 50€ for a round trip Madrid-Barcelona. No food though, food is purchased at the cafeteria car. This was the high speed train, 300Km/h tops

  15. I looked at taking Amtrak from Dallas,TX to Chicago, IL for a funeral. That would have been cheaper at the time than flying, but I didn't have much time off and I couldn't make it work.

  16. I really liked this video. I’m not too knowledgeable about trains but I definitely find them interesting. Here in Australia we have some long tracks. There isn’t much in between our states, lots of desert. I’m unsure if there is much to see. Appreciate your content. Thanks.

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